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Prefabricated Roof Trusses

All of our roofs are designed and manufactured to suit our clients specific needs, styles and requirements. We will take on-site measurements and this attention to detail guarantees accuracy of roof dimensions and the best end-result. We ensure the most uniform products as our assembly is in jigs. All of our wood and timber products will be cut using our exclusive automated ALS saws, exclusive to Imali Roof Trusses.

Sundry Timbers

All Sundry Timber Roofs will be supplied and come complete with either 38 x 38 battens or 50 x 76 purlins. All these products are of bracing timbers either 38 x 76 or 38 x 114 wall plates. Any timber requirements will be seen to so as to ensure the ultimate product.

Laminated Beams

We offer Saligna or SA Pine laminated beam options. These products will be exclusively designed and manufactured to suit the client’s individual requirements.

Roof Tiles

We are affiliated and trusted by all leading roof tile manufacturers. We are able to supply the best ridges, tiles and hip starters in the industry from the most respected manufacturers.

Roof Sheeting

If a client requires roof sheeting, we are able to supply the leading roof sheeting options in the country.


Roll Top Ridging and standard galvanised valley flashing options are in stock at Imali Roof Trusses.

Fascias and Barge Boards

We stock the highest quality standard barge boards and fascias

Fixing Hardware

Our fixing hardware includes:

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